Work Order

The Work Order Feature

The Work Order Feature

The Workroom Pro Software helps you convert an order to a work order quickly, easily, and accurately. With just a few clicks, you are able to create a work order, directly from the order form with minimal additional data entry.

The work order is a document that outlines the specific details of a project, such as the measurements, fabric type, and style of the window coverings or soft furnishings to be produced. The work order serves as a guide for the seamstress to follow throughout the production process, ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations and specifications.

The initial quote request becomes the foundation for the work order. All the necessary information such as treatment style and dimensions carry through to the work order. Along with these details, fabric names, trim names, treatment styles and pictures will be on the work order. Any additional design features that were on the original quote request, will also be available to your fabrication team.

Once the order is placed, there are just a few simple steps to convert the order to a work order. The work order is tailored to meet your unique labor needs, whether you use hourly seamstresses, subcontract seamstresses or both. You can either include the hourly goals for hourly seamstresses or payment amounts for your subcontract seamstresses and a due date. That is the only data you will need to enter.

Benefits of automated work order:

Clear Instructions:

Work orders provide clear instructions on the materials needed, the specific measurements, and other details necessary for the seamstress to complete the job correctly. This can help reduce errors and misunderstandings, ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations.

Increased Efficiency:

Work order systems can help streamline the entire production process, from quote requests through ordering. This can lead to increased efficiency, and faster turnaround times for orders.

Improved Accuracy:

With The Workroom Pro work order, the chances for errors and miscommunication are reduced to a minimum. This is because the work order is generated directly from the clients quote request, or the workrooms quote request on their behalf. You can eliminate all the extra data entry steps, from quote request, to estimate, to order, to invoice to work order, saving you hours of time per order.

Better Communication:

The work order system will help improve communication between the client, administration and the seamstresses involved in the production process, ensuring everyone is on the same page and aware of the details of each order.

Benefits of automated work order

Cost Savings:

By streamlining the production process, reducing errors, and improving efficiency, work order systems can help reduce overall costs for the business. The Workroom Pro will save you time and money.

Overall, The Workroom Pro Software with automated work orders will help improve the entire production process, from quoting through production, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings for businesses in the window covering and soft furnishings industry.