Client Order Feature

The Workroom Pro Software - Client Order Feature

The Workroom Pro software allows your client to place an order directly from the estimate. Once all revisions have been completed, they can choose to place their order. They can order all the rooms in the estimate or select certain rooms to order. Once they select “place order”, your workroom or office manager gets an email letting them know an order has been placed. The quote request, where this all started, now becomes the order/invoice. You do not need to transfer all the data in the quote request to an order or an invoice form, it happens automatically.

If you are integrated with your bookkeeping program, you can sync the order which creates an invoice in your bookkeeping program. You will not have to create a separate invoice.

With the point-of-sale feature, your client will be able to pay for the order once they place it. The workroom has the ability to set the terms for the deposit or down payment for each client. You can require a 50% deposit, 75% deposit, 100% deposit or no deposit. Your client must pay the terms you set for them before the estimate moves into the order category. They can choose to pay more, but not less.

This feature helps you collect your funds quickly and easily. You don’t have to send emails asking for payment or wait for the “check in the mail”. Your client can pay by ACH, Credit card or Debit card and their information can be saved for future payments. With The Workroom Pro, you are also able to add credit card fees to any client who chooses to pay by credit card. They will see a pop up explaining the credit card fees and it will be automatically added to their total.

Summary of Order Features

  • The final revision of the estimate can be ordered through The Workroom Pro, by the client.
  • Your customer can choose to order an individual room, a combination of rooms or all the rooms. They have complete control.
  • Once the order is placed, the client is directed to a payment portal where they can pay for the order by Credit Card, ACH or debit card.
  • The workroom can set the terms of the deposit for each client.​
  • The order will not move into the order category until the deposit is paid (unless their terms are no deposit).​
  • The order becomes an invoice which can sync with your bookkeeping program.​
Summary of Order Features