Workroom Pro Drapery Software

The Workroom Pro Software - Drapery Estimating Feature

Once the quote request is submitted, the next feature of The Workroom Pro is estimating.

How Does the Estimating Feature of The Workroom Pro Drapery Software Work?

The original quote request remains on the right side of the screen, while you add yardage and labor details on the left side. You can see everything in the quote request while you’re estimating, so it only takes a few minutes per form. You only need to add the labor, cost of materials, yardage required and the cuts. No need to transfer the data from one form to another.

Whether you choose to integrate with your bookkeeping program or not, there is a pricing feature that will automatically fill in your pricing for each treatment. No more flipping through price sheets to enter prices manually. The Workroom Pro does that for you. You can create an unlimited number of products with pricing so that you never have to look up pricing again.

Do you have different price points for different clients and designers? No problem, you are able to create price rules and select different rules for different clients. Their pricing will automatically fill in as you enter your products.

The Workroom Pro Drapery Estimating Software Features​

  • Instead of transferring data from the quote request to your own estimating form, you can enter the dollars and yardages right on the original form. No copying and pasting, no chance for error.
  • You can enter your pricing for product, services and materials into the program, so pricing auto populates as you estimate. This saves a significant amount of time and eliminates pricing errors.
  • You can add unlimited price points as needed to your estimate, including labor, lining, and extras like headrails and grommets, etc. You can also add sales tax into the pricing side of the estimate.
  • Since multiple rooms/treatments can be submitted with each quote, there is a summary page that breaks down all the details by room or treatment and provides the estimate total.
  • Fabric names transfer over to the estimate side of the form so that you can provide yardage and cuts, even if there are multiple fabrics.
  • Trim names transfer over as well, so yardage can be given for trims.
  • Estimates can be revised as needed, by your client. They can change fabrics, dimensions, or treatment styles. If there is more than one form in an estimate, only the form that has been revised needs to be re-estimated.
  • Every revision is retained and can be viewed while estimating the changes made. It is kept separately with a differentiating number (.1; .2; .3 etc)
Drapery Estimating Software Features​