Products and Services

The Workroom Pro software is a specialized software that helps businesses in the interior design and home décor industry manage their operations more efficiently. This software provides a range of features and tools that are specifically designed for workroom management. In this article, we will focus on the product and service features of The Workroom Pro.

Products and Services

Product codes:

With The Workroom Pro, you can create your own unique product and service codes. For every product you sell you are able to create a code for that product. i.e., lined pinch pleats could be LPP while unlined pinch pleats might be UPP. Once you determine the code for each product you will then set the sale price for that product. If you use subcontractors, you can also enter the cost or the amount you will pay your subcontractor. If you choose to use Pricing Rules, (see Pricing Rules below) then the sale price can be discounted based on each customers Pricing Rule. When you enter the product or service code into the estimate form, pricing will auto populate. This makes estimating fast, and error proof. The pricing can be edited, if necessary, within the estimate. This also works when you are creating a work order for a subcontractor. The purchase price (the price you pay your subcontractor) will auto populate in the work order based on the product code.

Product type:

While creating new products you can select the product type. Each product can be categorized differently such as service or labor, linings, headrails or pillow inserts. Differentiating between product types triggers the system to include or exclude product types when creating a work order. For example, if the product type chosen is labor, that product code will be included on the work order. Product types that you, the workroom, will be supplying are not included on the work order.

Price rules:

Perhaps you want to set up different pricing for different customers. For example, you serve retail and wholesale clients, or you want to give better pricing to your best designers and higher pricing to your clients that order only occasionally. Price Rules allows you to establish different pricing for different clients. Once your price rules are set, each designer’s pricing will auto populate once you enter the product code.

Invoices and Bills:

If you are integrated with an accounting system, you can sync your invoices and bills. When creating a work order for a subcontractor, you can select which subcontractor will be working on this project. Once the work order is created, you can convert the work order amount to a bill and sync it with your accounting program.


The product and services codes can be synced with your bookkeeping system so that invoices and bills will be categorized correctly when they are synced. You will not need to enter them twice. Your accounting program will then track your costs and expenses. There is a one-time set-up fee for integration.

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