Price Rules

Price Rules

The price rule feature is a valuable tool within The Workroom Pro that enables businesses to automate and customize their pricing strategies. This page will provide you with an overview of the price rule feature and how it works. To use the price rules, you should first set up product codes. Please see “Product Codes” for further explanation on how to set up product codes. Once you have your product codes set up then you can set up Price Rules.

What are Price Rules?

Price rules in The Workroom Pro allow you to set up structured pricing for your products and services. With this feature, you can create rules that calculate product pricing based on each client. If you regularly work with retail and wholesale clients, price rules allow you to set up different pricing structures for each. By automating your pricing rules, you can save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency in your pricing strategy.

Key Features and Benefits:

Flexible Pricing Structures:

The Workroom Pro price rules offer flexibility in designing your pricing structures. You have the ability to set up different prices for different clients. As mentioned previously, you can set up different price rules for retail and wholesale clients. You can also set up different price rules for different wholesale clients, if you want to offer lower pricing to your more active clients for instance.

Customer-Specific Pricing:

With price rules, you can assign different price levels or discounts to specific customers or customer groups. This enables you to tailor your pricing strategy to accommodate special agreements, loyalty programs, or preferred pricing for specific clients.

Efficiency and Accuracy:

By automating your Price Rules, you eliminate the need for manual calculations and adjustments. This saves time, reduces errors, and ensures consistency in your pricing across estimates.

Apply Price Rules:

Once the price rules are defined and configured, The Workroom Pro will automatically apply the relevant rules during estimates. The calculated prices will be reflected in estimates and then on invoices.

Key Features and Benefits:The Workroom Pro