Custom Drapery Quote Tool

The Workroom Pro - Custom Drapery Quote Tool

We know how much time you waste sorting through emails, text messages, phone calls or handwritten notes trying to gather all the details you need to provide an accurate drapery estimate. It can get complex, time consuming, and lead to mistakes which will cost you money!

The Workroom Pro software offers a streamlined solution for workrooms to generate accurate and comprehensive quotes quickly and easily. This custom drapery quote tool provides a structured format for all types of drapery quote requests, which are specifically designed for the soft furnishings industry.

Features of The Workroom Pro Quoting Tool

Whether you are a to-the-trade workroom or a retail workroom, the quoting feature in The Workroom Pro will save you time and costly errors . In the case of wholesale workrooms, the quote request is entered by your client/designer. Once that quote is finalized, the estimate, order, invoice, and work order are all generated from this one form. This means no data entry errors because the details entered in the original quote request transfer automatically from form to form. Retail workrooms generate the quote request for their clients/designers, but the process remains the same. All the details come from the original quote request.

Treatment Templates: The Workroom Pro has digital forms for:

  • Cornice quote template.​
  • Drapery quote template.​
  • Ripplefold quote template.​
  • Roman shade quote template.​
  • Cushion template.​
  • Valance template.​
  • Miscellaneous treatment template.​

These custom treatment templates are designed to gather all the details you need to estimate accurately. This eliminates the back-and-forth emails and phone calls that can take up your valuable time. These templates require all the important details to be entered before the form can be submitted, so nothing is missed.

The Workroom Pro Quoting Tool


You can upload photos to any custom template! Upload photos of the fabric and your treatment style or choose from our gallery. A picture is worth a thousand words and goes a long way in avoiding mistakes. These photos will be on the work order so that when the seamstress begins a project, she has pictures to refer to, eliminating the possibility of wrong fabrics or wrong style.

Data Entry:

Once the quote request is submitted it’s fast and easy to add yardage and labor details. It takes just a few minutes a form to complete an estimate.

With The Workroom Pro, you will save time, money, and costly errors, so the communication from client to workroom to seamstress is “seamless”.