Treatment Gallery

Treatment Gallery

A picture really is worth a thousand words! In the soft furnishings industry great communication is vital to a successful outcome. When you’re creating a work order for your seamstress, a picture of the treatment style is essential. When your fabricator can see exactly what the client wants, in a picture, the chances for errors decrease exponentially. The Treatment gallery feature of the drapery software tool is designed to simplify the communication with your clients and seamstresses

To help you with this, The Workroom Pro has included a treatment gallery on every treatment form. When the quote request is created, your client (or you yourself) can select from a multitude of pictures of treatment styles for that form.

Roman shades, drapery panels, valances, cornices, pillows, and bedding/miscellaneous forms all include photos that apply to that style. This is a game changer when creating custom window treatment work orders.

But it gets better! You can add your own treatment pictures if the style you’ve selected is unique to your client. When estimating the quote request, you can upload a custom picture that exactly represents the treatment style the client wants. For example, maybe your client has an existing treatment they want to duplicate. Simply upload a picture of that treatment into the quote request. Once that quote request becomes a work order, your fabricator will have a picture of exactly what the customer wants. This ensures that everyone is on the same page.

The Workroom Pro software comes pre-loaded with gallery pictures that are available to use right away. However, you can also redesign your galleries with pictures that you use most often. Using the Settings Menu, you are able to add, delete and custom sort the gallery pictures. Sorting allows you to determine the order in which the treatment styles show up on each form. (See Settings Menu instructions).

If you want seamless communication from client to admin to seamstress, The Workroom Pro Treatment Gallery is one more feature of this drapery software tool designed to do just that.

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